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CUP weapons updated to 1.9.0!
CUP has released a new update v1.9.0 this has prevented players who updated their cup weapons mod, or had it autoupdated by A3L to join the server. The issue has been resolved and we are now running v1.9.0!
Posted on 11 Apr 2017 by ILLUXN
ArmA 3 patch!
Server is updated to the latest branch!!!!
Posted on 16 Mar 2017 by ILLUXN
Radiation zone!
As from today object A2 is radiated! Currently it's not being watched by guards, but that could change in the near future!
Loottables in radiated zones are 100% military and we added 2 guns that are ONLY lootable, not buyable! Surviving in the radiationzone requires you to wear a gasmask, which you can either loot or buy at the traders!

Spoiler(things could get scary!)

Posted on 07 Mar 2017 by ILLUXN
Military pods & small additions!
We have added military pods around our military towers! We have also added a big military tower at Old yard! Loottables have been adjusted slightly!

Happy looting!
Posted on 07 Mar 2017 by ILLUXN

Flapper21 with dem skillZ
Posted on 04 Mar 2017 by ILLUXN

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